7 Tips On Effective Time Management

7 Tips On Effective Time Management

Are you living a disciplined life?

Do you perform your tasks always in a rush or in a composed and relaxed way?

Do you always run late to the office and return late to home?

Are you having the time and energy to spend with your family and friends?

If you can resonate with what I’m talking about, please continue reading. I have listed the following tips based on my personal experiences.  These 7 TIPS did prove effective to me, a working woman and a mother.

1.Narrow down your “To do” list:


In a day we will have tasks, that are big, moderate, and small.

Being a Blogger-, writing an entire blog takes me more time and is a big task than coming up with an outline for a blog topic.

It would not be wise of me to have in my TO DO LIST to write 3 blogs a day. Instead, 1 blog and 1 outline for a new blog seem more feasible and less pressure. Similarly, distribute your tasks evenly for the week instead of loading big tasks for one single day.


As simple as it sounds. Do not try to prove your abilities and please everyone at home and office by doing the tasks all by yourself. Focus on accomplishing your own tasks at hand at a high priority.


Quite self-explanatory it is. Be it a party that you are not interested in, a work that is not part of your schedule – just say a polite NO.

Do take care when it comes to official matters, ensure the NO does not have any aftermath.

2.Master your priorities

  • First things first: Focus on the things that are urgent and important. For that, you must be clear and sure of what the urgent and important are.
  • Do not try to stuff more, when your plate is already full. This will create pressure and tension, you would probably not complete half the tasks which you could have otherwise completed if your list were smaller.

REMEMBER THE NON-NEGOTIABLE: Most of our priorities revolve around family, friends, work, passion. They all go hand in hand. However, Sleep and eat are the non-negotiable. You must never neglect them.

  • More time & energy for critical thinking: Spend your time and energy on critical matters. Ex: your new freelancing business or a specific task at the office that is important but you have been procrastinating for a while.
  • Limit right now: Your time spent on entertainment such as consumption of data will not be helpful to you ever either monetarily or intellectually. Time mindlessly spent on entertainment can cause more harm than you could imagine.

3.M.O.D.E Formula:

  • Minimize, Outsource, Delegate & Enjoy the resources
  • Minimize your tasks by delegating personal tasks to your family members- ex: you need not always bathe your toddler & feed breakfast, request & encourage your partner to do it or take turns. You can monitor if you wish so.
  • Outsourcing in house tasks such as cleaning, cooking, servicing, etc
  • Lastly, enjoy the resources of automation. Such as online delivery of groceries & other home essentials- repeat the same orders monthly or weekly as per your requirements, with the number of online stores competing restlessly, you will certainly find a discounted store for your budget.
  • Make use of your bank’s Standing instruction facility, which allows you to set a date for automatic payments of all kinds of bills such as TV, phone, internet, Electricity, etc., & bank or post office deposits such as R.D.

Always find a way for automating things in life.

  • Wherever possible, use the services provided by your vendors.
  • This way you will have enough time for the 4 basic components for a happy life.
  • 1st component is your Mental self (introspect your life decisions, practice mindfulness, relax yourself the way you like it.
  • 2nd component is your Social self (family & friends)
  • 3rd component is your Physical self (exercise, dance, yoga, etc. Practice at least one form of physical activity as per your likes & interest to stay fit & fine)
  • 4th component is Wealth building (review your savings & expenses, educate yourself on the newest and safest way of building wealth).


4.Plan like a Pro.

  • I guess this is the most daunting task for all of us.
  • Anything uncomfortable is ignored by most of us.
  • Public speaking, Mentoring, writing down your daily activity log- these are the painful and uncomfortable activities but if you do realize now that this is where success begins, then don’t hesitate, grab your pen and notepad and start listing your tasks.
  • With the advent of the phone, we forgot our watches, forgot simple math calculations, forgot how to talk & how to write as well. Let’s spare some writing.
  • Plan everything. A little planning goes a long way. Ensure you write it down instead of planning inside your mind or using your phone because you are never going to open it on your phone to check.
  • The greatest advantage of writing down the task and keeping it visible to you is- you will naturally ensure to complete the tasks because the tasks are right in front of you. Office tasks, House chores, Food Menu, Self-care- all of these can be written down in points.
  • Planning in most cases is a one-time task and sometimes you may have to plan daily. You can revisit and review it once a month or as per your necessity, whenever required.
  • Ex: You can plan your menu for the week and repeat the same the next week with a few twists and tweaks. Stick the menu in your kitchen area, visible and clear.
  • Do the same with regards to your clothes. Plan your clothes for 2 weeks, repeat the same for the following 2 weeks.
  • Sit in the calmest spot of your house- use your phone or notepad to quickly write down your house chores for the day.
  • Do the same at the office the previous evening for your office tasks. Do not go overboard in planning your tasks for the day, keep some for the days to come.
  • This will ensure you are not drained mentally or physically by overworking. And never forget the MODE formula.

TIP 1:- Tick mark your completed office tasks by the end of the day to experience that sense of accomplishment 🙂

TIP 2: Highly recommend to do the planning the previous night for your house tasks. With the Meal plan, dress plan in place already, you will spend not more than 10 minutes before sleep. You would probably wake up with the tasks already in mind and can get on foot right away if planning was the last thing you did the night before you hit the sack.

  • Time your small-time activities such as watching an entertainment video. This is the best thing you can do to keep a check on your time. Do this for all small-time activities such as browsing through Facebook, Instagram, etc unless you are a business person selling via social media platforms.


5.Minimize travel time:

  • Stay close to your office location. Easier said than done especially if you are married and your partner’s office is not near yours.
  • Staying in less than 7kms from y6.our office location is the best bet. But in cases where it is not feasible, the best thing to do is either have your own vehicle than relying upon public transport. If there is no option to own a vehicle, working out the best & fastest mode of transport considering different options such as Train, Bus, Carpooling or a shared taxi is the next best thing.
  • Do not hesitate if the fastest mode is a tad costlier than other options- the time is money and time saved is money saved 🙂 Compensate the extra bucks spent on transport by sparing other junk expenses.

6.Know when you are Productive & energetic

  • In my case, I’m the most productive, soon after a nap. I complete a lot of tasks, be it physical or thought process-oriented.
  • Start with the bigger tasks, meaning the tasks that you think would require more energy and extra time. This will relax your mind and would not pressurize you.

7. Get mind ready & stick to routine:

  • If you are living an undisciplined life by just going with the flow, you are in danger. Set your mind to planning tasks, sticking to the routine, wishing less.
  • Life is full of distractions.
  • Phone notifications, tempting NetFlix series & the never-ending-ever hyped sensational news videos scattered all over your phone right from Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and so on.
  • Successful people do not watch random videos rather CREATE useful ones that add value to other people’s lives, do not consume data rapidly rather follow their passion that can be monetized.
  • Stay positive.
  • Your positive attitude will keep your mind at ease, tension, and worry-free.
  • So, practice having a positive outlook on life. Do not take life too seriously as that will lead to worry. Life is to experience both good and bad and this applies to every human being in this world, you are not alone. So, stay positive.

Will you board a vehicle without planning your destination?

Starting a day without planning is as foolish as boarding your vehicle without knowing your DESTINATION.

How I wish this was taught to us at School right from kindergarten.

Realize that you are literally not managing the time, its 24 hrs a day for all of us, but you are going to be managing your tasks at hand effectively by following above tips.

If not all the 7 tips, a combination of these is as good for a starter.

If this was useful, do LEAVE A COMMENT and share with people who do you think will benefit from this. 

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