Are you struggling with self-discipline? You must follow these habits right now

Discipline is a very generic word and it implies a wide range of an individual’s attributes and daily practices.
It is a continuous and lifelong process.

That said, how can you develop self-discipline?

Self-Discipline is,
to have a routine
to be systematic
to be punctual
to nurture will-power,
to have control over your time, mindset, temptation, and thought process.

Yes, discipline can be all of these.

But, in short, the most practical definition of a disciplined life would be to have a planned, organized, and systematic day-to-day life.
So, here I’m to help you with the most practical tips and habits if you could incorporate them every day in life, you can achieve that.

While I write this, I’m reminded of a proverb that my dad always refers to while we used to work out together,
Yes, my dad and I do exercises together 🙂 and I learned a lot of nuances from him.

So, Voila ….

“With a stout heart a mouse can lift an elephant”

 If you are determined and consistently train yourself on something, almost anything is possible.

1) Create a disciplined Routine:

As silly, infamous, and boring as it sounds, but this is going to be the most challenging one for you. 

A routine is nothing but a task or work that you do every day without fail. 

But how can you create a disciplined routine? 
Do you wake up and start your day at the same time every day? Do you eat at the same time every day? Well, that is called a disciplined routine. 

aka being systematic in life. 

All of us have developed a routine by now. Brushing, bathing, eating, starting with office works or household chores. But are we sticking to it?
A disciplined routine is, accomplishing your planned tasks at the same time each passing day. This is the most difficult part to follow, but absolutely doable.
Tune your mind to sync the task and time required to complete. 
Be consistent in Wake up and finish your routine at the same time every day, even on Sundays. 
No matter what, finish your routine within the time you have allotted…
You don’t know what your days have got for you.!
There might be an unplanned but urgent task that might hinder your routine and thereby taking your day for a toss. 
So, stay determined and prove to nobody but to yourself that you CAN DO IT by as simple as sticking to your routine. 

There is a fulfillment that you will feel within when you are able to accomplish your tasks.

  • Tip:
Break your day into 3 parts. 
Morning routine, Evening routine, and Night routine. Be strict in doing only the assigned tasks for each routine and do not deviate at all. 
Emergencies anyway will bark in once in a while to take away your time, but you don’t create one yourself 🙂

2) Have a Timetable:

Well, let’s try to go back to our good old school and college days.

We had numerous subjects and languages to learn. 
Big fat books were handed over to us at the commencement of the school and all of us must have wondered “how am I going to learn all of these”?

The teachers did not haphazardly start with different subjects. 

They had a PLAN. We had a minimum of 6 periods a day. Each subject was split into portions and each portion were allotted a specific time and limit within a day so as to cover the wide array of portions each passing day. Well, that is where consistency comes into play. 

By the time you passed out each year, you did finish learning the entire book by covering little by little, each day. There was consistency.

3) Work on your will-power:

This word is almost non-existent these days and is forgotten by a lot of us.

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”
– H.W Longfellow

I’m a fitness enthusiast ever since my childhood and have always enjoyed dance, exercises, aerobics, yoga, and the like.

When I was first introduced to squats (also called the king of exercises) and planks, I found them very difficult to perform, but I was so determined and kicked my willpower (that I can do it) to a higher level to do a 2 minutes squat and 1-minute plank.
People that follow a strict workout and diet regimen have a higher level of willpower and tolerance level.

For a normal person, it’s not easy to hold a 1 minute squat or plank. 🙂

When you train yourself to have great willpower, you will stay systematic and disciplined.

Do consider having an exercise routine, to stay focused on your everyday tasks.

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. 

– Earl of Derby.

Take Away

Disciplined life always leads to success and happiness.
Make your own rules and achieve one task a day. After all, little drops make the ocean.
Use all the resources that can help you have a disciplined life.
Form your own rules and enjoy happy and productive days ahead
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Barath Subrahmanyam
Barath Subrahmanyam
11 months ago

Very good content. I totally agree with the routine and timetable part. That’s what I think is missing in most. Including me.