How to unlock your Positive Mindset?

How to unlock your Positive Mindset?

How to unlock your positive mindset?


We all have tough times in life and we all deal with it differently. Some choose to move on and some, mourn about it. But why mourn when you can move on?

If you are stressed, hopeless, struggling with health, career, and relationships, do not worry, I have got you covered.

Read on to understand how you can live an amazing life.

To make things simple and easy, I have mentioned 2 important aspects of unlocking a positive attitude.

This involves making small changes in your thought processes.

I have also shared 5 tips to sustain that positive frame of mind, all your life. 

1. Prepare yourself for a mindset shift

This preparation is extremely important.

You need to do this, so you will not end up pondering over your negative emotions that will result in negative behaviors & thoughts such as procrastination, resentment, animosity, etc.,

Remember, Rome was not built in a day! Similarly, to reap the fruits of positivity, you need to CONSCIOUSLY TRAIN YOUR MIND to think positive at all times.

The very first step is to do these 2 things: “Accept” & “Confront”.

You must thoroughly “Accept” the fact or the given situation that is worrying you. 

Why accept?

Because, if you did not, you will continue pondering over the bad thoughts and blaming yourself for what occurred to you.

Example: Say you have just lost your job to a pandemic or other reasons! It’s hard to digest for you and your family until you accept the fact.

You will argue with your boss, blame yourself for not performing well, not behave well with your colleagues etc., Imagine the same scenario after you have fully accepted the fact.

There is no need for arguing and blaming and that keeps your mind at peace, to plan next. At this stage, you have already crossed three fourths of the sea, so applaud yourself!!

And now is the time for action to get yourself safely out of the sea: “Confront”. Just go face to face with it and let the world know you are ready to face it.

Example: Acceptance has given you the courage to face the situation and a clear mind to set your next action plan.

This could be, working on your resume, building your work portfolio, or following your passion if it has the potential to earn you money.

Our aim today is to be an extremely productive and happy person than yesterday. There is no time to crib about anything.

These 2 steps form the base to unlock your positive mindset.

The mind that is ready to accept and confront all the odds and evens in life.

This mindset is magic that opens a million doors to a new job, new friendship, revamping your existing relationships, staying fit and healthy, so on and so forth.

In-fact, mindset is the most important criteria to focus, to achieve success in life. As explained by Architect Mr. Sivaraman in his blog Mindset needs to be placed before skillset and toolset for starting up on own.

2.How to stay positive at all times?

You become a piano expert by playing the piano every day for hours together.

You become a speaker by regularly practicing the art of public speaking.

Similarly, to stay positive at all times, you need to develop habits that will support your positive mindset.

Here are 5 golden tips that you can follow right now:

1. Choose to watch and read good stuff over bad or worrying ones. yes, it’s as simple as that.

2. Practice mindfulness. This is Magical! Mindfulness simply means that you are fully aware of what you are speaking and doing and never blame the external factors for the good and bad that comes to you.

3. Choose to have progressive and constructive discussions over gossips. Say only nice things and say things, nicely.

4. There is no use of mental health if your Physical health is ruining. Do the Yoga, aerobics, or high-intensity workouts that you have been procrastinating all these days. With the above tips in place, you would be fully charged already to wear those sports shoes and get going.

5. Take inspiration from the people that you look up to.

If you are in a situation of going through worries and sorrows, try to incorporate the 2 habits of a mindset shift.  Life is not always a bed of roses. If any bad news or negativity hits on you, just embrace it once and let it go. 

So, you will not stay anchored to it as you are worth more than hanging on to it.

And you will do this automatically once you incorporate the tips above into your daily life.

Remember, Mindset- sets everything right!

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