Self motivation for women during tough times.

Self motivation for women during tough times.

Self-motivation for women during tough times.

There must have been days when you would not feel like doing anything.

You constantly browse through phone notifications even though what you are reading or watching is not going to be useful to you- ever! You just want to get entertained or amused all day without a break. Or just sleep all day..

How many times have you felt that way?

In most cases, the reason could be, you might have just needed a whole day OFF.

But, what if you feel the same way, every day, literally? That does not sound so good, isn’t it?

Understand that, every human being has felt that way and you are not alone on this. The very first thing to do, to get out of this slump is “Self-motivation”.

Why is self-motivation important?

How you can find motivation right now ?

Read on to know more …
The following 5 tips will help you bring back the lost motivation.

1. Time Off

If you have been working constantly all the hours that God sent you for the sake of your family or for your office– take a deep breath, calm yourself down and find a comfortable spot to relax yourself  for a few minutes. Give your usual clumsy routine, a miss! Be it the chores or the office works. Take a time off.

Think and assess on the things that you have been missing out on all these days.

It could be your self-care routine- those facial, manicure & pedicure, a fad diet to loose that extra kilos, reading, writing or following your passion. You are feeling less or zero motivated because you were probably neglecting the things that motivated you before.

So, focus on your thought process to understand what your mind wants and enjoys the most. Identify and do it right now. Taking a time off can highly help you with the following:

  1. Reboot your mind. This will provide an intense level of mental clarity and refreshment.
  2. Realize your strengths, interests and passion you had before you became relentlessly busy with work or family life.
  3. Gives a sense of rebirth. provides you a fresh and positive perspective of everything that matters to you. You will be able to refocus on your ambitions with brand new thoughts, ideas and attitude.

That said, taking time off is not always lazing around. If you are able to take a quality time off, then nothing like it.

You could keep a list of activities that will truly rejuvenate your senses and helps you introspect, at the same time, enjoy a quality time off. As easy as getting out to inhale that fresh air and getting active is always a great start.

2. Review your relationship

Who are you surrounded by? This has to be reviewed.

If you are around people who drain you off your energy, you will find yourself in a slump, way too often. A bad boss, co-worker or a cynical husband, in-laws can rip you off your positivity and soon make you lose your good traits. Make such people realize this and request them to behave in a nice manner to you. If requesting is not an option, the second best things are either to cut them off or stay away.

Always choose to be around people that are empathetic, appreciative and carry a positive attitude.

Call an old friend, family member or colleague who has always been positive and kind to you. Revive your relationship with them and stay in touch. Be part of groups that discusses positive, progressive and motivational content.

3. Focus on your passion

By diverting your thoughts and energy to your creative side, you can stay motivated.

Passion is critical to happiness, satisfaction, encouragement, peace of mind, wealth, harmonious life and of course for that motivation during all times.

For some people, passion can even become the purpose of life. For those things which you are not really interested in, you will need motivation.

For instance, if you are in a job that is not really appealing to you, the decent salary that you are drawing, and the yearly increment and bonuses would motivate you to stay in the job.

But if you are in a job which you are passionate about, it does not feel like a job at all, you are able to perform it like an art, you will not need any materialistic motivation, because you are already motivated since the job is also your passion.

Passion is what you love doing at any given point of time. Spend the required time, effort and money to become the best in it. As you spend more time, it will almost become a habit and a routine.  With money also spent, you will not be ready to let that go waste. This will ensure there is no more time for mind blocks or demotivation.

Your passion could be as simple as cooking, organizing, styling, singing, writing etc., Use the social media platforms to showcase your skills and works. Appreciation from your followers will keep you motivated.

Stop regretting for you were unable to focus on your passion all these days and start working on it right away.

4. Inspire others

Think about the list of role models you had since your childhood until now.

What was so inspiring about them? Think from that perspective and try to emulate them.

They could be your favorite singer, a movie star, an entrepreneur or a national leader.

Why cannot you become a role model to others? That thought will create a sense of responsibility and empowerment in you and thus you end up staying motivated, if not for your own self, at-least to inspire others. 

This will also help you stay up on track.

5. Surround yourself with happy & optimistic  people

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn.

This quote above from the most renowned motivational speaker – Mr.Jim Rohn is quite self explanatory.

It is very important to be in constant touch with people that will uplift you, provide constructive criticism, say nice things to you, provide you the help and knowledge when you require them.  Only optimistic people can do that. 

  1. You will stay happy and will wish to spread the happiness to others.
  2. You will stay active and energetic
  3. You will be generous
  4. You will be ready to make new friends
Use the above ideas and bring back the best version of yourself!

Motivation is everywhere around us and self-motivation is very crucial to success in life.

Even a small gesture of love, positivity, selflessness that you encounter in daily life can motivate you.

Have an ambitious attitude in life so there is nothing or nobody that can discourage you. Be your own motivator!

What is your unique way of self-motivation? Share your thoughts :). Let me know in the comments section.R


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Girish Sharma
Girish Sharma
1 year ago

Hi! It’s really motivating.

I am just reading it in the morning and I am wishing my day will be extremely motivating and productive. Thanks for the positive vibes.

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Shall we help each other by providing backlinks to each other? You can check the blog:

soumya adiraju
1 year ago

Hey your blog looks very appealing! Hiee this is soumya from DDIP… 

I am running a NGO FIRM, helping rural women economic growth by promoting eco-friendly products made by them to urban thus protecting the environment! 

I have written an article about Bio-degradable disposables & its impact on the environment!

I kindly request you to give a “Backlink “!Thank you !

1 year ago

True. I am happy to read this but still i have a question? I dont have anyone to share my emotions when am at bad or good times? what can i do.?


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